Total Raised in 2019
Total Riders Sponsored for 2019


DC Bike Ride is proud to support our local community by donating a portion of the event proceeds to various nonprofits’ initiatives. Thanks to DC Bike Ride participants, the event has donated $120,000+ over the past five years including organizations like the Washington Area Bicyclist Association and the Wounded Warrior Project, among others.

Donated to Local Nonprofits


With our annual ride postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the DCBR Virtual Bike Month was a way to connect with our riders in a meaningful way, celebrate National Bike Month, and support the local community and those fighting the pandemic from the front lines.

Along the month of May, we posted 3 challenges asking participants to engage in fun activities and rewarded each completed challenge with donations to benefit local organizations!

500 meals were donated to the Feed the Front Lines Fund, created by the Sibley Foundation, the Emergency Fruit Relief, 
by Fruitful Planet, and programs offered by the Wounded Warrior Project.