Ride past the scenic monuments and memorials of DC with unlimited photo opportunities.


Mile 5 – Jefferson Memorial Photo Stop

Mile 12.8 – Washington Monument Photo Stop


Enjoy local musical acts to keep you energized along the way.


Mile 2.5 – Woodrow Wilson High School Drumline

Mile 5 – Emma G

Mile 5.2 & 12 – Malik D.O.P.E Drummer

Mile 5.8, 7.2 & 11.4 – The Experience Band & Show

Mile 10.6 – South Block Block Party

Mile 19 – Griffin and the Flying V


Why not taste some of the best food and drinks of DC during the ride?


Mile 10.6 – South Block Block Party

Mile 19 – Sloppy Mamas BBQ Pit Stop

What corral am I in?


  • I want to take my time and enjoy these car-free streets because it only happens once a year.
  • DC Bike Ride is my 8-year old’s first event. There might be some frustration along the way, but we’re going to get this done!
  • I just dusted off the cobwebs on my cruiser from college. Here’s to hoping this baby makes it all 20 miles!


  • It might have been a while since my last ride, but 20 miles isn’t a problem for me.
  • I ride all the time, but DC Bike Ride is the perfect opportunity to bring my family out with me to enjoy the car-free streets.
  • I usually ride at a faster pace, but I am going to stop to take incredible photos and enjoy good eats along the way.


  • I ride in DC Bike Ride to support growing bicycling in our region. This ain’t my first rodeo.
  • Parking? I’ll be getting in some miles to and from DC Bike Ride and enjoying the car-free streets in between.
  • I know it’s not a race, but I’ll be up front with my buddies in the rearview of the pace car all morning.