Packet Pickup Party


Come celebrate life on two wheels with us at the Packet Pickup Party!

The Packet Pickup Party will be in Washington, DC and the location will be announced by early March. Packet Pickup will take place on Thursday, May 17 and Friday, May 18.


You must pickup your Rider Identification Kit (RIK) at the Packet Pickup Party. There will not be packet pickup available the morning of the event. The location for Packet Pickup will be announced by early March.

  • Thursday, May 17: times TBD.
  • Friday, May 18:  times TBD.

If you’re not able to attend the Packet Pickup Party, then you must have your packet mailed to you or assign a proxy to get your packet for you at packet pickup.


All riders (standard registration, youth registration and VIP registration) will receive a special 2018 DC Bike Ride water bottle at the Packet Pickup Party.

Having your packet mailed? Any registrant who selects packet mailing will receive their rider identification kit in the mail, and can pick up their rider water bottle at the Info/Solutions tent at the Ride Start or Finish areas.


If you can’t make it to the Packet Pickup Party, you have two options: have your packet mailed to you or assign a proxy to pick up your packet for you. There will be no packet pickup the morning of the event.

1. Purchase Packet Mailing

New in 2018, packet mailing is available as part of registration. If you haven’t registered yet, it is available as a registration option, or if you decide you want to do packet mailing after you register, you can follow the instructions HERE on how to upgrade your order to include packet mailing.

2. Assign a Proxy

You may send a proxy to pick up your packet (can be another rider or a non-rider). Your proxy can only get your packet if they have a printed copy of your 2018 PARTICIPANT WAIVER and a photo copy of your photo ID. The proxy must have a signed waiver and photo copy of an ID for each of the riders’ packets they are picking up.

Here’s what your proxy needs:

  • A photo copy of each riders’ photo ID (a passport is okay too)
  • A signed 2018 PARTICIPANT WAIVER form for each rider

Your proxy does not need an ID for a Youth Rider or Ride-Along.

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