DC Virtual Ride will be back this May with a special Bike Month challenge to get you pedaling for prizes. Join in as a Mile-Maker or a Trailblazer, connect with other riders virtually, and explore local routes between May 1 and 31 to unlock rewards and prize packs.
The DC Virtual Ride is powered by Ride Spot, and presented by CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield and Events DC.
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1. Sign up Today!

You have until May 5 to join DC Virtual Ride. Your Bike Month challenge runs between May 1 and 31.

2. Bike to Your Goals

You can bike anywhere to achieve 150 miles or complete all 4 Bike Month routes (posted weekly on the first four Saturdays of May).

3. Track Your Progress

You can check your own cycling activity and see where you rank compared to other participants via the real-time leaderboard.

4. Unlock Prizes

The more miles you enter and the more Bike Month routes you complete, the more rewards you unlock. Check all prizes packs.
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Keep pedaling for chances to win prize packs.

  • The three riders with the most miles get Mile-Maker Prize Packs.
  • Two riders who complete all Bike Month Routes will be randomly selected to get a Trailblazer Prize Pack.
Prize Pack items will be listed soon
Share your #MilesAndSmiles memories on social media for a chance to win a Gift Box.
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Make your bike miles and rides count!

Track your miles and access Bike Month Routes using the Ride Spot app.

Check the FAQ section and Ride Spot page for additional guidance.

You can also enter your miles via social media sharing on Instagram and Facebook.

Check the FAQ section for additional guidance.

Bike Month Routes

Become a Trailblazer by completing all Bike Month Routes to unlock your Bluetooth Speaker Box.
Bike Month Routes will be posted every Saturday on our Ride Spot page.
Each Bike Month Route also offers an instant reward and you can win extra prizes offered by FITDC.
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DC Virtual Ride PARTNERS


The DC Virtual Ride begins on Saturday, May 1st. You have until Monday, May 31, to go for rides and reach goals for prizes.

You can ride anywhere to achieve the mileage goal! The DC Virtual Ride is not an organized event, nor promotes gatherings of any kind. Its format is designed for solo riders or riders within the same household. We encourage participants to practice social distancing and follow safety guidelines while engaging in the proposed activities.

Riders must be 8 years or older to participate and ride a pedal-assisted bicycle. E-bikes with a throttle or that can be POWERED BY MOTOR ONLY ARE NOT ALLOWED.

Your DC Virtual Ride pass makes you eligible to win prizes and virtual rewards once you achieve one of the challenge goals. Here is what comes with your registration:

  • Access to the DCVR Official Digital Guide and Tutorial Page.
  • Access to real-time leaderboard to track your progress.
  • Access to Bike Month routes on Ride Spot and chance to unlock instant rewards.
  • A Bluetooth Speaker Box shipped to you at no additional cost once you achieve any challenge goal.
  • Virtual rewards via email and chances to win prize packs.

Note: Although the DCVR Challenge on the Ride Spot app is open to all users, only paid registrants are eligible for prizes.

DC Virtual Ride – Bike Month edition has two main goals. Pedal between May 1 and 31 to complete:

  • 150 miles and become a Mile-Maker
  • 4 Bike Month routes and become a Trailblazer

Once you achieve your DC Virtual Ride goal, we will ship a Bluetooth Speaker Box to your preferred address and send you special offers from our prize partners via email. Reasons to keep pedaling:

  • The three riders with the most miles win Mile-Maker Prize Packs.
  • We will randomly select two riders among those who complete all four Bike Month Routes to win a Trailblazer Prize Pack.
  • Each Bike Month Route offers an instant reward which is unlocked once 90%+ of the route is complete.
  • Share your bike memories on social media with the #MilesAndSmiles and tag @dcbikeride for a chance to win Gift Boxes offered weekly by Sibley Memorial Hospital. Make sure to follow DC Bike Ride and set your post as “public” so we can see your photo.


  1. Although the DCVR Challenge on the Ride Spot app is open to all users, only paid registrants will be eligible for prizes and have access to additional resources including the Bike Month Routes.
  2. To claim any prize pack, the winner must answer within 72 hours of notification.
  3. Prize packs will be shipped to winners within the U.S. territory at no additional cost. DC Bike Ride and prize partners are not responsible for prize damage or loss.

Yes, the DC Virtual Ride Official Guide brings additional tips for a fun experience by bike around DC to achieve your goals and win prizes.

These document will be sent via email to all paid registrants. Please, send us an email requesting a link to download the DCVR Official Event Guide if you haven’t received the document by April 25.

You have between May 1 and 31 to ride anywhere to enter 150 miles or to complete the four Bike Month Routes which will be posted weekly. Miles can be entered via the Ride Spot app and social media sharing.

To enter your miles via the Ride Spot app:

  1. Download the Ride Spot app, available for free on the App Store and Google Play on your phone.
  2. After downloading, open the app and create a Ride Spot account. Please, use the same email address used on your DC Virtual Ride registration.
  3. On the top-left menu, click on Social Feed to search for DC Bike Ride and access our Ride Spot profile. Click on Follow so we can access your profile activity.
  4. Still on the DC Bike Ride profile, click on the Challenge tab to access and RSVP to the DC Virtual Ride. You will also find the four Bike Month Routes on the same tab listed weekly starting on May 1.

To enter your miles via social sharing on Facebook or Instagram:

  1. During your bike rides, take photos to register your favorite moments and use a bike route tracker of your choice to track your bike ride mileage.
  2. Follow DC Bike Ride on Facebook and Instagram so we can see your posts.
  3. Publish at least one photo of your ride + a photo of your bike route map indicating the mileage.
  4. Set your social media post as Public and tag DC Bike Ride before sharing –  we are @dcbikeride on Facebook and Instagram.

Please note: Miles entered via social sharing won’t be added to the real-time leaderboard, but added to the DC Virtual Ride rank weekly. Bike Month Routes can only be accessed and completed via Ride Spot app.

To find your registration confirmation, search for “Order Confirmation from DC Bike Ride” in your email inbox. Our emails are sent from [email protected]. And don’t forget to check your spam folder as well.

If you can’t find your registration confirmation, email us your full name to [email protected]. We’re happy to resend your confirmation email.

All participants must sign the DCVR Participant Waiver to get their Virtual Rider Kit.

We’ll request the main participant of each order (the purchaser) to sign their waiver during registration. The remaining riders will receive an email with a link to access and sign their waiver. The email address is provided by the purchaser during the registration process.

To sign the document: After reading the waiver, on the registration page, type your full name on the signature box and click on “submit”. You are all set.

Once you complete 150 miles or 4 Bike Month Routes, we will send you a notification via email within 72 hours.

We will ship your Bluetooth Speaker Box to the address provided on your registration form right away. Participants should expect a 10-day window between the notification and delivery.

Orders with a Bike Month T-shirt will follow the calendar below:

  • Place your order by April 20 to receive your Bike Month T-shirt by May 1st.
  • Place your order between April 21 and May 5 to receive your Bike Month T-shirt by May 15.

No, registrations are NOT refundable or transferrable. We have a no refund policy, which all registrants agree to during registration.