Meet Mr. Paul Heaton from DC!

Paul is a proud member of WABA and has been riding for 5 years!



Why do you ride?

Riding just makes sense. It enables me to save money on transportation, help the environment by conserving energy, see the sights of DC, and get exercise.

When did you begin riding?

I didn’t begin riding seriously until I moved to DC five years ago and found the area to be incredibly bike-friendly.

What made you join DCBR?

The DCBR sounds like fun and a great way to support WABA.

Favorite biking memory?

My commute from Southwest DC to downtown (which now has bike lanes for the entire ride, thanks to WABA’s advocacy) includes Pennsylvania Avenue. I still get a kick out of riding down the middle of Pennsylvania Avenue every time I do it.

What kind of bike do you ride?

I ride a Trek Hybrid.

How would you like to see the cycling community grow in DC?

I would like to see more bike racks — perhaps even some covered ones — in public and private spaces to make parking and storage more convenient and accessible.