Meet Ms. Lucy Aguirre from DC!

Lucy is a proud member of WABA and has been riding for 7 years!


Lucy bike pic[2]

Why do you ride?

Back in college, I competed in triathlons.  But, now, after joining WABA and Women & Bicycles, I ride for the pure joy of it.

When did you begin riding?

I began riding in 2009, when I began competing in triathlons.

What made you join DCBR?

I believe that biking is underrepresented in DC.  By closing the streets, I believe that DCBR is history in the making, demonstrating that biking is important, too.

Favorite biking memory?

I rode in a 24-hour bike ride from DC to New York City.

My friend works for a non-profit called Run Hope Work, which is a job training program that empowers young people to transform their own lives and the lives of others.  Run Hope Work was interested in organizing a charity ride (Bike to Brooklyn) from DC to New York City and wanted know if it were possible.

This year, I am leading Bike to Brooklyn!

How would you like to see the cycling community grow in DC?

WABA has been great in promoting cycling throughout DC, and I would like to see WABA continue to grow.  Specifically, I think every school in DC should have a “Learn to Ride” program.