Meet Ms. Ann Cavazos Chen from Vienna, VA!

Ann is a proud member of WABA and has been riding for 7 years!



Why do you ride?

I ride to be off the grid.  I ride to have time to think without being in front of screens.  I ride as if it was a prescription for a higher quality of life.

When did you begin riding?

I bought my first bike when I was 46.  I had a helmet, one pair of ugly bike shorts, and even uglier bike shoes.  Every time that I remembered that I was clipped in, I fell over.  My bike had so many scrapes and scratches from tipping over it looked like I had ridden through a war zone.

I did the best I could to educate myself.  I took the Cycling with Confidence course 4 times.  I still ended up bouncing off the side of a moving car when I made a rookie mistake at an intersection.

What made you join DCBR?

The first group ride I tried was a disaster.  I was dropped after 3 miles, became lost in a residential neighborhood, and fell into the curb when a minivan passed and startled me.  But I kept riding.

I am coming to DCBR to bring my friend who is curious about bikes.  I want to share the adventure.  I want to ride through DC in a bright yellow sundress and enjoy the sights.

Favorite biking memory?

The most fun I’ve ever had on a bike has to be riding to the Wilson Bridge with my great and dear friend in the cold.  The view from the top was something I had never experienced despite living here my entire life.

The most ridiculous things I’ve done on bikes involved, high heels, tutus, triathlons, and beer, not necessarily all at once.

What kind of bike do you ride?

I own too many bikes.  And, yet, I am looking to add a gravel grinder this spring.

How would you like to see the cycling community grow in DC?

The thing that I want most for the bike community are more separated bike lanes and bike boulevards.  I want biking to be normal, and we can’t get there until people feel safe to ride.