We are counting down the days! Make sure you read this email very carefully. It contains very important info and we don’t want you to miss any details.

DCBR Rider Checklist :

Be sure to review the DCBR Rider Checklist below and make sure you complete the necessary to-do’s before the ride!

  1. Review Event Guide
  2. Attend mandatory Packet Pickup
  3. Pre-ride prep
  4. Day-of-ride prep

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected].

Event GuideScreen Shot 2016-05-10 at 12.52.39 PM

  • Read the Event Guideplease read the Event Guide carefully as it contains very important information that will help ensure that you have a great ride!
  • Review the full event schedule in the Event Guide

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Packet Pickup

  • Pickup your Rider Identification Kit (Fri, May 20 – Sat, May 21) – please note, all riders MUST come to Packet Pickup to pickup the Rider Identification Kit (RIK) which is mandatory for participation; see Event Guide for more details.
  • What do I need to bring to Packet Pickup? 

– Pre-filled rider waiver – fill out all of the information that you can beforehand, you will be able to look up your bib number on site at Packet Pickup to complete the waiver.

– Photo ID

  • What do I do once I arrive at Packet Pickup?

– Look up your bib number and complete your waiver.

– Hand in your completed waiver and get your RIK.

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  • Plan the best way to get to the start (Penn Ave. and 3rd Street NW) – all riders must be positioned in designated corrals by 7:45AM; Please refer to Event Guide for the best ways to get to the start and how to reserve parking ahead of time; plan accordingly!
  • Review course map and services along the route – see Event Guide to review map and take note of where the important landmarks and course services available.
  • Review rules of the road – all riders must have RIK visible at all times and have a helmet on; on exceptions, please see Event Guide for detailed listing of rules.
  • Check out riding tips – no matter what level of rider you are, we have put together some tips to make sure you are well prepared to have a great ride! See Event Guide for some tips.
  • Tell your buddies and family to meet you at the Finish Festival – we’ve got an awesome Finish Festival planned for you. See Event Guide for full schedule and activities.

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  • Be in your designated corral by 7:45AM – If riding in a group, be sure to plan a meeting time and place at the start line; DCBR is a self-seeded event which means, you are able to lineup in any corral (except for the VIP First Wave) you deem appropriate with your expected pace.
  • RESERVE YOUR PARKING AHEAD OF TIME! – We have partnered with two great partners: Parking Panda and Spot Hero to help you reserve and prepay for parking near the start/finish line or along the course. CLICK HERE TO RESERVE NOW.
  • Find your designated corral – Each corral will be clearly labeled. For full listing of corrals please review the Event Guide.
  • All riders must maintain a 6MPH pace – At approximately 10:30AM if you are unable to maintain the 6MPH pace, you will be re-directed to the Finish Line at the 10.4 mile mark, (prior to crossing the 14th Street Bridge). From that point, it is 2 miles to the Finish Line. See Event Guideor see course map here.
  • Have your RIK visible at all times – Attach the bike sticker to the top tube of your bike, affix the bib to your chest and wear your helmet sticker on the front of your helmet; you may be asked to leave the ride if any element of your RIK is missing.