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vision-zeroSafer streets require a change in the way we design our roadways, the rules of the road, how we enforce the rules, and the data cities collect to measure safety. All of this work requires public participation, and thanks to our 2016 riders (7,111), DCBR was able to provide WABA with a $38,750 grant to helped fund the organization’s community street safety outreach programming allowing WABA to:

  • Hire a full-time Vision Zero Coordinator
  • Serve as a convener with local agencies
  • Start recruiting partner organizations
  • Finalize the game plan to build an empowered community of residents to inform and carry out Vision Zero (neighborhood audits and safety workshops in all 8 wards, DC Vision Zero Summit)

Special Programs

We’re watching Vision Zero play out in major cities across the country, and it’s clear DC is missing a vital piece: community engagement. We can’t design a comprehensive campaign to change culture without involving and empowering people. DCBR funding will pay for the capacity to design and implement the necessary community outreach surrounding Vision Zero, and activate all eight wards.

Families for Vision Zero Summit

We’ll bring together D.C.’s residents, experts, and the press for a series of presentations, a panel discussion, and facilitated town hall meeting with emphasis on engaging nontraditional community groups.

Neighborhood Street Safety Audits

To equip families with the information and tools to redesign the streets that shapes their lives the most—those surrounding their homes—we’ll build partnerships with four neighborhoods to define what makes streets safe, identify what projects need to be carried out, and form a plan of action to work with DDOT and partner agencies. We’ll select the neighborhoods based on areas of greatest need.

Safe Streets Workshops

We’ll host four interactive public workshops  similar to the safety audits, except geared toward a geographically broader audience.

Family Bike Block Party

To build momentum and host a family-centric bike celebration that connects people to Vision Zero. We’ll leverage the power and overlap of WABA’s outreach programs to host a block party in Deanwood, DC that will serve as the culminating event of our workshops and audits. We’ll partner with the established local rides, coordinate kids games and a mobile bike shop for free bike repair, and provide interactive activities for all ages.

Learn more about Vision Zero HERE.

Learn more about WABA and become a member HERE.