Chris Morris has put a fair share of miles on his bike. The Southern Tier is a distance of almost 3,100 miles across eight states, stretching from San Diego, California to St. Augustine, Florida. The trek between Baltimore, Maryland and the Florida Keys spans about 1,200 miles. The TD Five Boro Bike Tour, the largest charitable bike ride in the United States, covers 40 miles of the five boroughs of New York City. Chris has ridden most of the long-distance trails between Maryland and Pennsylvania. Lastly, Chris is a daily 30-mile commuter.

However, there is one biking feat that Chris has not completed, DC Bike Ride. And it’s practically in his backyard. Chris and his wife, Belinda, are residents of nearby West Laurel, Maryland, but a work conflict prevented Chris from riding last year.

When asked what he was looking forward to most about DCBR, Chris replied, “Being able to ride the D.C. streets unencumbered by traffic with my wife. She doesn’t like to ride in traffic.” What makes DCBR so special is the fact that bicycles are the only mode of transportation allowed on the course, excluding the pace vehicle.

Chris and Belinda were DCBR 2017’s first registrants, but only because they had a head start on the rest of the competition. Chris happened to be in the Netherlands for work when a notification came across his phone that registration had opened. Being six hours ahead, Chris just beat out those who were tiredly waiting until midnight on the east coast.

If you haven’t already, join Chris and Belinda and register for DC Bike Ride 2017!