Holding hands at homestretch

What is DC Bike Ride?


DC Bike Ride is a celebration of bicycling in our nation’s capital. It’s the only day you can adventure around your city by bike with absolutely no cars.

 A fun, recreational ride with friends and neighbors

 Bicyclists of all ages (three and up) and all riding abilities

 20-miles of car-free, safe streets

 Beautiful views of DC monuments, the National Mall and the Potomac River


Great People

Be part of an amazing, growing community of people who love to bike.


Great Purpose

Support the work of the Washington Area Bicyclist Association to make streets safer for all roadway users.


Great Places

Experience DC the best way possible – on two wheels – and see the monuments like you’ve never seen them before.


Great Party

Celebrate the joy of bicycling in front of the Capitol with a Finish Festival party with entertainment, activities for all ages and refreshments.